07 Jul 20

#MIRtogether with SaniQ for home monitoring of chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases

SaniQ is the leading home monitoring solution for people with chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases. It consists of SaniQ smartphone apps for patients and SaniQ software for medical practices and clinics.

SaniQ is characterized by easy-to-use patient apps that can easily be linked to sensor technology. In addition to the possibility of self-monitoring, a direct connection can be established to the doctor's practice or clinic so that vital data can be analysed directly there.

On the part of the practices and clinics, SaniQ offers simple and reliable integration into existing information systems.

SaniQ is used for telemonitoring by numerous medical practices and hospitals in Germany. It is characterized by the fact that it can be perfectly integrated into existing software systems. In addition, many health insurance companies reimburse the costs for SaniQ apps and medical services with SaniQ.

SaniQ is used in outpatient and clinical settings to monitor chronic diseases remotely. Cardiovascular and lung diseases are the focus of medical services. In the area of lung diseases, people with COPD, cystic fibrosis and asthma in particular receive significantly better care.

Currently SaniQ integrates the MIR Smart One and the MIR Spirobank Smart on Android and iOS.

Tobias Hastenteufel - Managing director of the Company - replies to the question: Why you chose MIR as a partner for spirometry?

"The devices from MIR are characterized by their smooth integration into SaniQ. In addition, the devices leave the user guidance to the SaniQ app, which is a considerable simplification from the user's point of view."

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