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Wellness Begins with a Breath

Digital health is nowadays playing a massive part in healthcare. Apps and developers are beginning to focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles and wellness to prevent patients from becoming ill. People are increasingly willing to try non-traditional methods for accessing healthcare services and at the same time, 93% of physicians believing that mobile health apps can improve user’s health (source: https://gearedapp.co.uk/digital-health-a-focus-on-wellness-over-illness/)

The rising of Digital Health is supported by a boom of Boom of Core Wearables throughout the past years.


Between Q1 & Q2 2020, health/fitness App downloads grew by 25% in Europe. Gen Z, born between 1996-2015, is the most Internet-dependent generation and is firmly at the vanguard of technology use across all generations. Gen Z and Millennials are leading the adoption of mobile Apps for Health and Fitnees in their daily life.


The most advanced health tracking Apps get measurements in real-time by connected devices, preferably via Bluetooth®. The quality of connected devices can make the difference, mainly in regards of measurement "accuracy". A mobile App can implement complicated algorithms, great User eXperience and eye-catching graphic designs. Yet inaccurate physiological data and vitals measured and trasmitted by the connected device (such as weight, pulse, blood pressure, glucose, lung capacity) can bring to inaccurate calculation and performace by the mobile App itself.

Compared to generic wearables, Medical Devices are certified according to the Medical Device Directives instead of generic electrical and electronic equipment directives. Futhermore their Cost is deductible in many countries wolrdwide, by the National Health System and Insurance Companies.


Did you ever realize that we can stay alive for long periods of time without food, water and even sleep, but we cannot make it without oxygen? Three main pillars can help describe the need of monitoring all possible vitals - including lung capacity and oxygen levels - by the use of Digital Health:

1. Quality of Life:  Healthy lungs guarantee the best possible quality of life for any individual, including healthy subjects. Track trends of oxygen levels in the blood over time may reveal important changes in your fitness and wellness. Prevention increase your quality of live and let you sleep safe and sound. Blood saturation check can also be a true life-saver for a person in «hypoxia» and a doctor who can make a correct and timely diagnosis to save a life.

2. Wellness and Wellbeing: Every system in the body relies on oxygen. From cognition to digestion, effective breathing can not only provide you with a greater sense of mental clarity, it can also help you sleep better, digest food more efficiently, improve your body's immune response, and reduce stress levels. By measuring the strength of your breath, your lung capacity and your blood saturation you can keep such vitals under control and learn how to increase your wellbeing.

3. Sport Enhancement: Being physically active has many benefits including strengthening your heart and improving lung function. Tracking lung health over time can help increase performance during training regimes or rehabilitation programs. For athletes, oxygen delivery to the tissues is imperative for optimizing performance results. Oximeters can help athletes unleash their true potential with more effective workouts. And for professional athlets, this not only allows physicians to verify the quality of data obtained by athletes on their personal device but it also liberates the athletes from clinic visits.

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