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We develop premium medical equipment, including Spirometers and Oximeters, for professional and personal use to manage and prevent respiratory conditions.

Medical International Research is a world leading company in Spirometry, Oximetry and Medical Solutions

Present in more than 100 countries worldwide, MIR is making its most innovative technology available to healthcare professionals and their patients in the pneumology sector by pairing a series of new, reliable, and ready–to–use smartphone–compatible Smart devices with its professional line of products to help facilitate more comprehensive personal health monitoring.With over 30 years of experience, today MIR makes its products available in more than 100 Countries, facilitating the measurement and management of respiratory health internationally.

The several certifications obtained over time (FDA for the United States, NMPA for China, ANVISA for Brazil, COFEPRIS for Mexico, Health Canada for Canada, and many others) have played and continue to play an indispensable role in making MIR products not only accessible worldwide but also compliant with the highest quality standards.

Additionally, MIR is internationally recognized for the uniqueness of its patented products.

Thanks to a comprehensive and integrated portfolio that combines professional-use devices with personal-use devices, MIR extends the ability to monitor respiratory functions beyond the walls of hospitals and medical centers, promoting home monitoring and a proactive approach to respiratory health management.

MIR is not just a supplier of high-quality equipment, but your ally in your fight against respiratory conditions.

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Medical International Research is a world leading company in Spirometry, Oximetry and Medical Solutions
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MIR solutions in respiratory care

Our internationally certified and recognized products perfectly address the rapidly growing global trend of new public-private and home healthcare models.

The accuracy and reliability of spirometry are now guaranteed by our company through constant investments in Research and Development, which have led to the creation of advanced high-performing products – comparable to diagnostic spirometers and PFTs – capable of meeting current needs.

Even the National Health Service (NHS), the UK's national healthcare system, has positively evaluated the advancements made by MIR in the technical-medical field, to the point of integrating some of the most innovative solutions developed by MIR into its governance, particularly in the implementation of virtual visits.

MIR Spiro Platinum

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  • Comprehensive Software for Spirometry and Oximetry
  • Designed to be integrated with EMR/EHR
  • Compliant with the latest ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Available for desktop and laptop
  • MacOS and Windows

With your Platinum subscription plan, you will have uninterrupted access to all features of MIR Spiro, exchange data unlimitedly and free of charge between MIR Spiro and remote platforms, and access extra content while staying updated on the latest trends, all without limits!

Additionally, you will have access to free technical support from a MIR operator ready to assist you wherever and whenever you need. Includes 1 remote technical assistance.

Experience the best, choose MIR Spiro Platinum.

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