The History of MIR

With 3 direct branches in North America, France, and Brazil, and a well-established distribution network, our products are available in over 100 countries.

Founded in Rome in 1993, MIR has been an ambitious dream since its inception: to promote the early diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory conditions worldwide.

The History of MIR



  • In 2009, MIR founded MIR USA Inc.

  • In March 2021, it was acquired by the private equity fund "Aksìa Group".

  • In August 2021, it acquired Groupe LAMIRAU in France, a leader in the Respiratory Diagnostics and Telemedicine Market.

  • In 2022, it became MIR S.p.A.

  • In the same year, it expanded its area of expertise by integrating cardiology into its product portfolio.

  • In December 2023, it acquired Smart Medical, a leading company in the distribution of medical/hospital products in Brazil.



Guided by innovation, quality, and responsibility, we translate present and future challenges into reliable and intuitive solutions for everyone.

From Rome to all over the world, from healthcare professionals to patients at home, MIR encompasses an ambitious dream since its inception: to promote the early diagnosis and monitoring of lung diseases worldwide.

In our wide range of products, we provide spirometers and oximeters tailored to the diverse needs of professionals and patients, enabling both precise and accurate measurement of respiratory functions and simple, intuitive home monitoring.

The History of MIR

Business Units

Our Business Units encompass the following areas of expertise:

Spirometry and Oximetry, Lung Area

Cardiology, Heart Area

Our commitment to well-being and the promotion of a proactive approach to respiratory and cardiac health has guided our activities for years and is embodied in the concepts of Spirometry and Cardionica.

Our values

Together, we chart new horizons for better health. Guided by innovation, quality, responsibility, trust in new generations, and sustainability, we translate industry challenges into opportunities for our partners and the community.

Innovation and Technology

We promote innovation and invest our resources daily in Research & Development.

As a visionary leader in Spirometry, Oximetry, and Telemedicine, we adapt to current and future challenges to ensure medical solutions that keep pace with modern needs for accessible health care for all.



For MIR, responsibility guides our entrepreneurial choices, determining our behavior towards our branches, partners, distributors, end users, employees, and service providers.

In our company, we have the responsibility to ensure equity, equal opportunities, and inclusion.

We are responsible to all those who use our devices. Therefore, we commit every day to providing accessible medical solutions that meet the highest quality standards and to promoting prevention and health awareness activities in our territory.


Professional Development and Training

Our motto for 2024 is: 3 generations, 30 years of MIR.

This year marks the anniversary of our company, which has had the honor of nurturing many Talents since its foundation in 1993.

In our work environment, 3 generations coexist. We believe in and invest in young people, guiding them in their professional and personal growth.

Our diverse Team is a generator of ideas, built on solid foundations and always a step ahead in the future of technology.


Sustainability and Social Impact

We choose tomorrow every day. We conceive our company as a small ecosystem where every resource is integral and therefore crucial. For the same reason, we take care of the planet we live on, contributing with everyday choices to create a more sustainable world.

On December 5, 2022, the first MIR forest was born, along with the project "Let the Planet take a breath": for every country that is part of our distribution network, a tree planted. What are small plants today will be trees capable of bearing fruit, providing shade, absorbing CO2, emitting oxygen, holding the soil with their roots, promoting biodiversity, and providing opportunities for income and empowerment for local communities in the future.



MIR products are CE marked under the new MDR regulation for Europe and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for the United States.

The compliance of MIR products with FDA registration and other numerous certifications (NMPA for China, ANVISA for Brazil, COFEPRIS for Mexico, Health Canada for Canada, etc.) has made the company's products available in all countries as well as meeting the highest quality requirements.

MIR is internationally recognised for the uniqueness of its patented products.

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