People Beyond Technology

Competence, curiosity, and ambition define our People. We have confidence in our Talents and believe that their growth translates into company growth.

We inspire our Resources to set lofty goals and assist them in achieving them: their success is our success. By working together, we grow together, better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

1_Giovanni Carlino_CEO

Giovanni Carlino


"A leader embraces change and transforms it into opportunities for all"

The pillars upon which we build our growth are Talent and Curiosity, not cunning.

I believe in People and their Intuitions, beyond hierarchies.

Modern leadership perceives the Potential of the Resources and provides them with the necessary means to turn it into reality: they must have the opportunities we had.

2_Roberta Di Pinto_General Manager

Roberta Di Pinto

General Manager

“Shared Vision, Shared Mission”

I firmly believe that each Resource is an essential piece to make our puzzle.

A company united in pursuing a common goal is a company always ready to embrace new challenges.

I am proud to be part of the ambitious dream that led to the birth of MIR: to promote early diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory diseases worldwide.

In my role, I commit every day to making this dream come true.

3_Davide Schieppati_CFO

Davide Schieppati


“Responsibility means setting a good example”

We do not address our business choices to the next quarter but to the next generations.

Awareness and self-criticism enable us to make critical decisions during times of change.

A visionary-leader company gives people responsibilities early in their careers, an essential practice to achieve not only set but also unexpected goals

5_Alessio Segreto_Regulatory & Quality Manager

Adriano Mencarini

Technical Director

“Innovation fueled with Talent”

Innovation originates from the urge to make an impact.

Innovating means growing, progressing, adapting. This enables us to remain on track and competitive.

Our driver is the belief that whatever we are doing today, we commit to doing it better tomorrow.

I lead my team with this awareness, working together for the success of every project, with trust in each other.

5_Alessio Segreto_Regulatory & Quality Manager

Alessio Segreto

Quality & Regulatory Manager

“Finding solutions to impossible challenges is the catalyst of our success”

Quality is not just a corporate goal, but a personal responsibility for each of us.

It does not just focus on the final result but embraces the entire process.

At MIR, quality guides the choices we make every day with responsibility towards partners, distributors, end consumers, and employees.

6_Roberto Lucarelli_Operation Manager

Roberto Lucarelli

Operation Manager

7_Marco Pennacchietti_FW and HW Manager

Marco Pennacchietti

FW and HW Manager

8_Cyril Besseyre_Software Manager

Cyril Besseyre

Software Manager

9_Marco Fiaschini_Software Business Development Manager & MIR Software Evangelist

Marco Fiaschini

Software Business Development Manager

10_Katherina Zavatta_National Sales Manager

Katherina Zavatta

National Sales Manager

11_Luigi Ottaviani_Senior Export Area Manager

Luigi Ottaviani

Senior Export Area Manager

12_Alessandra Dorsa_Senior Export Area Manager

Alessandra Dorsa

Senior Export Area Manager

13_Sara Tosi Brandi_ National Area Manager

Sara Tosi Brandi

National Area Manager

14_Carolina Stabile_Marketing Specialist

Carolina Stabile

Marketing Specialist

15_Gerda Van Houts_Export Area Manager

Gerda Van Houts

Export Area Manager

16_Laura Precetti_Export Area Manager

Laura Precetti

Export Area Manager

17_Elisa Salvi_Export Area Manager

Elisa Salvi

Export Area Manager

18_Francesco Tosi Brandi_Export Area Manager

Francesco Tosi Brandi

Export Area Manager

19_Claudia Marata_Export Area Manager

Claudia Marata

Export Area Manager

20_Ilaria Russo_Junior Marketing Specialist

Ilaria Russo

Junior Marketing Specialist

21_Andrea Manisco_Senior Desktop Specialist

Andrea Manisco

Senior Desktop Specialist

Cristiano Salvatori_Senior Desktop Specialist

Cristiano Salvatori

Senior Desktop Specialist

22_Emanuele Gabrielli_Junior Desktop Specialist

Emanuele Gabrielli

Junior Desktop Specialist

23_Luca Pomella_Mechanical & Laboratory Specialist

Luca Pomella

Mechanical & Laboratory Specialist

24_Antonio Lisanti_FW and HW Specialist

Antonio Lisanti

FW and HW Specialist

25_Emanuele Pomarico_Junior FW Specialist

Emanuele Pomarico

Junior FW Specialist

Miriana D'Addesa_Junior HW Specialist

Miriana D'Addesa

Junior HW Specialist

Stefano Allegri_Senior FW and HW Specialist

Stefano Allegri

Senior FW and HW Specialist

26_Massimiliano Perillo_Senior Quality Specialist

Massimiliano Perillo

Senior Quality Specialist

27_Giulia Maiorana_Junior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Giulia Maiorana

Junior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Alessia Giorgi_Junior Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Alessia Giorgi

Junior Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

28_Massimiliano Rossi_Operator and Receptionist

Massimiliano Rossi

Operator and Receptionist

29_Romina Gerbasio_HR Representative

Romina Gerbasio

HR Representative

30_Maria Ricciardi_Service Purchasing and Vendor Accounting.jpeg

Maria Ricciardi

Service Purchasing and Vendor Accounting

31_Fabiana Ziantona_Customer Accounting, Billing and Treasuary.jpeg

Fabiana Ziantona

Customer Accounting, Billing and Treasuary

32_Cristina Mariani_General Ledger and Controller

Cristina Mariani

General Ledger and Controller

Purchasing, Logistics, and Production Team

Our Talents are both young and competent, dynamic and meticulous. These are the qualities that better describe our Purchasing, Logistics, and Production Team!

Here is where the magic begins: every day, our Team endeavors to make MIR medical instruments available in over 100 countries.

It is especially thanks to their testing operations that MIR ensures reliable measurement systems and, consequently, efficient support to the diagnosis.

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