Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

As the “Controller” of processing, pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 MIR S.p.A is required to provide you with information about the use of your personal data.

2. Identity and contact details of the Controller

The Controller of the processing of the personal data referred to in this Information is MIR S.p.A, with registered offices at Viale Luigi Schiavonetti 270 - 00173, Rome, Italy. In order to simplify the methods of presentation and reduce the response time, you are invited to send any requests referred to in para. 10 below by e-mail to:

3. Data Protection Officer

MIR is not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

4. Data Processors

The Company may make use of third parties to perform activities and carry out related processing of the personal data under its control. As required by the Regulation, these parties have the experience, capabilities and reliability needed to guarantee compliance with the current regulations that govern processing, including the security profile of the data concerned.
The instructions, duties and responsibilities of these third parties are formalised and they are designated as “Data Processors”. These parties are inspected periodically to ensure maintenance of the levels of guarantee established at the time of their initial appointment.

5. Persons tasked with processing

Your personal data is processed by internal personnel, authorised in advance and designated as persons tasked with processing, who are given suitable instructions about the ways of working, the scope of their activities and appropriate expedients, all with a view to protecting properly your personal data.

6. Purpose and lawfulness of processing

6.1 Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mail messages to the addresses indicated on this website results in acquisition of the address of the sender, needed in order to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data included in that request. Optional, explicit and voluntary registration using the web forms present on this website results in acquisition of all the data input to the fields by the user, which is processed in accordance with the specific information provided in relation to each web form.

6.2 Cookie policy

Nature and purpose of cookies

A cookie is a small text file created by some websites to store information on the computers of users when they access the website. The cookies are sent by a web server to the browser of the user and stored on the user’s computer; subsequently, the information held by them is sent back to the website at the time of subsequent visits.

6.2.1 Types of cookie used

This website does not use profiling cookies: none of the personal data collected while users browse this website is used to send advertising messages that reflect the user preferences shown while browsing the Internet.

Technical cookies
These cookies are needed in order to allow this website to be browsed and to use the various functions and services requested by users.
Using these cookies enables website administrators, for example, to increase the security of the service requested by the user by blocking access following repeated failure to login to a private area, or to remember language and other preferences expressed regarding the web pages visited.

Third-party cookies
Visitors to this website may also receive cookies from websites administered by other organisations, known as “third parties”. Some of these functions are described in more detail below.

Google Analytics cookies
The Company uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service, provided by Google Inc.
For the most part, these cookies gather information about the ways in which the institutional website is utilised by users. They may be temporary (e.g. deleted when the browser is closed) or permanent.
User browsers send the information collected to the Google servers.
With specific reference to the Analytics service, Google has issued a specific guide for users that gives detailed information about privacy matters and the protection of personal data (
Users can avoid being monitored by this service by installing a browser add-on that deactivates Google Analytics (
The above data does not enable this website to identify each specific user personally: all the data collected is rendered anonymous and analysed in an aggregated form.

Specifically, the Google Analytics service described above uses the following cookies:
_GA: These cookies are used to collect information about the manner in which visitors use the website. The information is used to prepare reports that help us to improve the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, the websites from which the visitors arrived and the web pages visited within the website.
_GAT / _GID: For further information about the collection, storage and use of personal data by Google, as a Third Party pursuant to the Regulation, please consult the privacy policy of Google at the following link:

Use of social network plug-ins
This website contains a number of social network plug-ins, in particular those from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram, in order to allow users to share publicly the website content they find interesting.
When a user visits a web page, these plug-ins establish a direct connection between the user’s browser and the social networks concerned. The social networks use this connection to obtain certain information about the user, such as IP address, date and time of the visit, browser used etc. In addition, if the user is a member (and therefore authenticated) of one of these social networks, the information collected may be associated with the social profile of the user. This website, however, does not record any of the information that is sent to the social networks via the plug-ins.

Further information about the plug-ins used can be found at the following links:
▪ Facebook:
▪ Twitter:
▪ Google:

MIR has no control over the cookies installed by the above social networks (Third Parties) and, therefore, in order to enable users to find out about the purposes and methods of processing adopted by the above Third Parties, the following links are provided to the privacy information and consent forms issued by them:
▪ Facebook privacy policy:
▪ Twitter privacy policy:
▪ Google privacy policy:

Pursuant to art. 122 of the Italian Code for the protection of personal data and the decision of the Privacy Ombudsman (Garante) on the “Identification of simplified methods for explaining about cookies and acquiring consent for their use” dated 8 May 2014, published in Italian Official Gazette 126 on 3 June 2014, even without prior consent this website may install in user browsers the technical cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website, as well as analytical and function cookies of the type described above, on condition that the regulations deem them similar to technical cookies; in this case, it is still necessary to provide information to users about the processing of their personal data.

Deactivation of cookies
Cookies can be deactivated by changing the browser settings, for example:
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Chrome
• Safari
• Safari IOS
Some browsers have specific functions that allow third-party cookies to be blocked.
If the browser used is different to the above, select the “Help” function of the browser concerned to obtain information about how to proceed.

Activate “anonymous browsing” mode
This function, available now in virtually all browsers, makes it possible to browse the Internet without saving any information about the websites and web pages visited.
However, despite activating this function, the browsing data is still recorded and saved by website administrators and Internet service providers.

Direct deletion of cookies
Virtually all browsers now allow the deletion of all installed cookies.
For detailed instructions, consult the browser “Help” function or visit one of the following links:
• Internet Explorer
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Safari (IOS)

Despite this, cookies will be installed again during each new browsing session; accordingly, it will be necessary to perform the deletion procedure periodically or use automated functions for the periodic deletion of cookies.

Links to external websites
This website may contain hypertext links (tools that allow connection with a web page on another website): the external websites reachable by links from this website (such as the MIR YouTube channel) are developed and managed by parties over which this website has no ownership or control; accordingly, this website is not responsible in any way for the content, quality, accuracy or services offered by them. Visits to other websites and their use, by following links from this website, are therefore carried out at the sole discretion and under the sole responsibility of the user concerned. Accordingly, this information is provided solely with regard to this website and not for any websites that may be consulted by the user via links.

7. Recipients of personal data

Your personal data is not communicated to third parties, except for the parties referred to in point 4.

8. Transfer personal data to non-EU countries

Your personal data is not transferred outside of the European Union.

9. Period of retention

Your data is retained for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes mentioned above. To this end, periodic and other checks are carried out regularly to ensure that the data held is strictly relevant to, not excessive and essential for the relationship, service or task in progress, to be activated or already terminated. This includes any data provided voluntarily by the user. Following these checks, data that is found to be excessive, not relevant or not essential is not used, but the deed or document containing such data may be kept on file pursuant to the law.

10. Your rights

As the data subject, you have the right:

  • to access your personal data;
  • to obtain the correction or erasure of the data or the restriction of any related processing;
  • to object to processing;
  • to data portability;
  • to lodge complaints with the Privacy Ombudsman (Garante).

11. Provision of data

The provision of your personal data is optional, but necessary in order to allow you to browse the website. Failure to provide your data will make it impossible to browse this website.

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