31 Aug 20

#MIRtogether with Curavista BV: a complete remote solution including Videoconsulting

Geertruidenberg, the Netherlands. Q&A session with Drs. Esther van Noort, Managing Director at Curavista BV.

Q. What is the main business of your Company, your mission and achievements
A. Exploring new horizons: that’s the motto of Curavista. We are a Dutch company, privately owned, founded in 2002. Today we work with small (15 FTE’s) but dedicated team in the beautiful mediaeval town Geertruidenberg. We are proud to develop Curavista.health, a platform which services succesfull telemonitoring projects, large EU-scientific trials and eCoaches for selfmanagement. Especially the Spirogram app for Android and iOS is very succesfull with 750 patients, submitting 50.000 lungfunctions to their pulmonologists and GP’s.

Q. Can you tell something more about the homecare market in France?
A. There are different use-cases and therefore Curavista works with different customers. First, university hospitals use Curavista.health for their (EU)-trials in telehealth, selfmanagement solutions. Secondly, hospitals, GP-practises, homecare services or other healthcare providers use Curavista.health for their telehealth solutions for regular care. Finally the Dutch government “buys” a Personal health Record for its citizens and Curavista.health is certified by the Dutch government (this is still in a very early phase).

Q. Why you chose MIR as a partner for spirometry?
A. MIR is chosen as a partner for several reasons. MIR has a long tradition in spirometry and has the knowledge on how to perform a spirometry. As a result their spirometer is CE class IIa marked and measures the lungfunction in a reliable way, including FVC. The device itself is quite big, which is much appreciated by the elderly patients: it’s easy to hold the spirometer. The price is friendly for consumers who will have to buy the spirometer themselves at the moment.

Q. Which MIR spirometer is currently integrated with your software solution?
A. Spirobank smart

Q. Are your projects designed specifically to help patients with a specific disease?
A. Curavista.health offers telehealth solutions for asthma, COPD, CF, ILD, sarcoidosis and the spirometer is incorporated within the total solution (including eConsult, Videoconsult, PROMS, knowledge base, apps etc)

Q. What makes your solution unique compared to other solutions available in the market?
A. The platform services over 60 different diseases simultaneously (from diabetes, to Parkinson’s, hip-knee operations etc), the content is CE class I marked and is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Portugese. Thus, a patient or doctor can use and combine whatever modules he/she needs. For example pulmonologists can activate within one account modules for asthma, COPD, OSAS, CF, Quite smoking, Post-COVID-19. Patients can do the same. So every person has the modules / patient combination suitable for him/her. The platform is very flexible in servicing new trials, coaches.

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