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#MIRtogether with Tactio and Docapost in Mobile health

Montreal, Canada - Monday October 2nd, 2017

Tactio Health Group and Medical International Research (MIR), two companies leading the way respectively in telehealth and spirometry, are teaming up to offer a telehealth solution specifically designed to monitor COPD patients remotely. The joint solution adds MIR spirometers to a growing list of Bluetooth-enabled devices that seamlessly integrate with TactioRPM patient apps, enabling data collection without mandating third-party accounts.

300 million people suffer from asthma, over 200 million people worldwide have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term poor airflow. The main symptoms include shortness of breath and cough with sputum production. COPD is a progressive disease, meaning it typically worsens over time.

MIR SmartOne is a portable FEV1 and Peak Flow meter enabling personal self tracking of lung health as easily as measuring body temperature with the accuracy of a clinical setting. Lung function reduces much before the symptoms occur, preventing patients from becoming aware of their pathology. Therefore, in addition to COPD diagnosed patients, SmartOne can also be useful for screening or to healthy subjects who can suffer from temporary airway inflammation such as bronchitis, pneumonia and colds.

"With MIR SmartOne, COPD patients being monitored remotely with TactioRPM systems can benefit from an easy and simple way to self-test, report and exchange with their pneumologist. I've tried it many times myself and even as a runner with healthy lungs, I was happy to see my lung age which my annual checkups have never revealed before!", said Michel Nadeau, P. Eng., CEO of Tactio Health Group.

TactioRPM is an app-enabled platform that combines mobile apps, hundreds of connected health integrations (incl. Apple, A&D, Fitbit, Garmin, Google, MIR, Nonin, Omron, Roche & Welch Allyn), patient questionnaires, digital coaching programs and HIPAA-compliant messaging. Powering telehealth initiatives from payers, providers and pharma, its wide range of clinical applications includes chronic disease monitoring, population health screening, clinical research and post-acute care. TactioRPM is registered as a Class 1 with the FDA, CE and ANVISA.

Roberta Di PInto, MIR International Sales Director, stated, Working with Tactio is a tremendous opportunity for Mir. The uniqueness of the TactioRPM app empowered patient monitoring is a natural fit for the SmartOne. With it's strategic partnership with Docapost the combined solution will reach lots of COPD patients in France, all in need of digital, mobile and connected care solutions that they can use in the comfort of their home such as the SmartOne.

Docapost leads the eHealth market in France with a broad market access and numerous initiatives. The MIR integration shall immediately provide value to Docapost customers in need of remotely monitoring COPD patients or conducting clinical research with COPD patients that are serviced via the Tactio/Docapost Health Monitoring Platform (TD-HMP) which is an integration of the combined digital assets of Tactio and Docapost. Other clients of Tactio in countries where MIR is available shall also benefit from this integration for their patients.

Send an email to MIR software specialist to learn more about the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop you own APP and integrate MIR Smart One with your own health record system.

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