Specialized in respiratory care: why MIR spirometers are the perfect fit for your distribution business

22 Aug 23

Specialized in respiratory care: why MIR spirometers are the perfect fit for your distribution business

With over 30 years of experience in the pneumology sector, MIR – Medical International Research is a global medical device leader in Spirometry, Oximetry and MedTech solutions. The company is currently present in more than 100 countries worldwide, with its central headquarters located in Rome, Italy. Its most innovative technologies are available to healthcare professionals and their patients, with reliable, ready–to–use and up to date devices.

If you are wondering whether MIR spirometers are the perfect fit for your distribution business, here are 3 reasons to choose us.

  1. MIR solutions are constantly updated to meet the current trends and requirements

We know that, in a dynamic and evolving world, healthcare must constantly reinvent itself, not just from a technological point of view, but also in terms of accessibility, given the growing need of autonomy and tools for remote data collection.

MIR solutions in Respiratory Care are accurate and reliable thanks to the company's ongoing investment in research and development, which has led to the creation of advanced and high-performance products.

Our products are internationally recognized and address the rapidly growing global trend of new public-private and home healthcare models, to the point that even the National Health Service (NHS) has positively assessed the progress we achieved in the medical-technical field. Some of the most innovative solutions developed by MIR have been integrated into its governance, more specifically in the implementation of virtual examinations.

  1. MIR Spiro, a cross-platform user-friendly advanced software

MIR Spiro, our software for Spirometry and Oximetry, is compatible with both macOS and Windows and provides an efficient, responsive and user-friendly interface. It is available for desktop and tablets and offers a wide range of features, such as:

  • Post BD for both FVC and SVC tests.
  • Data sharing in different formats and data migration from multiple databases.
  • Digitally signed application & USB driver.
  • New feedback collection system, to improve MIR Spiro user experience.

Mir Spiro is compliant with the most advanced standards (ATS/ERS 2019, HIPAA and GDPR) and is easy to use, with tutorials and guides available on our website and YouTube channel. Learn more about MIR Spiro on our website.

  1. MIR solutions are certified for global quality standards

Conducting business ethically is at the root of our Company Values. Our reputation is built upon this ideal, which is why all of our products are certified to meet the highest quality requirements on the global market.

MIR devices are CE marked under the current MDR regulations for Europe and FDA approved for the United States. We are also in possession of international recognitions for several other Countries, such as China, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

We also act in full transparency: all of the certifications can be viewed and downloaded online on our website.

  1. Download our catalogue

Our whole catalogue is available in several languages on our website, together with multi-language presentation kits, brochures, guides and declarations of conformity for every single product. Specific manuals and instruction books will also be available for download once you log in with a user account.

Wish to become a dealer? Contact us for more information.

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