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Windows-based medical App for interactive Remote Patient Monitoring including Spirometry and Oximetry. Live Video Exam is an App for Doctor use, connecting in real-time with MIR Spirobank App (for Patient use). Live Medical Supervision increase patient cooperation in performing the test and is essential in obtaining optimal test results. A step ahead of the traditional home care solutions where the patient is not supervised during the test. Video Live Exam medical App include real-time video support of the Health Care Provider (HCP). Peer-to-Peer connection is secure and available from everywhere, to reduce travelling cost, operational expenses and contamination risks. Live Video Exam is becoming the gold standard for any practice seeking a competitive advantage in Remote Patient Monitoring.  

All the features

  • Predicted Sets and Predicted Values

    GLI equations, suitable for all ages from 5 to 93 years and multi-ethnic groups.

  • Print and Share Medical Report

    Add notes and therapeutic plans, save and share results in PDF directly from the PC App.

  • Cost Saving

    Reduce travelling cost and the operational expenses of a traditional face to face visit.

  • Play safe

    Reduce contamination risks and privacy issue (peer-to-peer connection).

Languages available

FR - French, ES - Spanish, DE - German, NL – Dutch, PL - Polish, PT – Portuguese, PT-rBR - Portuguese Brazil, RU – Russian, SV - Swedish, TR - Turkish, ZH – Chinese, JA – Japanese, CS – Czech, DA – Danish , EL – Greek, FI – Finnish, HR - Croatian

System Requirements

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Internet Connection

Ask for information or support

If you need more information about the software or you need some help, fill the form.

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